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Ethical principles of this website

This site was created by TocToMe to inform visitors about this disease.

You can contact us using the contact details in the "contact us" menu.



The source of the medical information provided on this site is indicated at the bottom of each article. Information of a non-medical nature is written by the webmaster of the Toctome site, after consultation of reference medical books and health professionals.


Complementarity of information 

The information provided on this site is designed to inform the public about Obsessive and Compulsive Disorders. In no case can they replace consultation with a health professional.  


Confidentiality and respect for private life

We guarantee the confidentiality of data concerning visitors to this site, including their identity when provided in a form (see our privacy policy). They are not saved on the server and are not communicated to any third party. No statistics are made from these data.

This site does not use cookies.


Origin of the information provided

Medical sources are always cited. However, the articles and images presented on the site cannot replace the medical consultation which remains necessary. All information on the site is for informational purposes only. The pages providing information on the treatments are supported by the results of scientific studies or published articles whose source is mentioned.

This site contains links to external websites. Toctome is not responsible for the content of these external sites.

The information on this site is provided for information only. despite all the care we take, there may be inaccuracies, imprecisions, omissions beyond our control. This site is not an online consultation service and we refuse to respond to this type of request and recommend the consultation of a health professional.


References and date of information

Source data when it exists is always cited at the bottom of the corresponding article.

This site contains links to external websites. Toctome is not responsible for the content of these. We are not responsible for the use of these websites which have their own ethics and privacy policy. These sites may contain information about drugs, products or therapies. Toctome does not control or validate this information.

The creation and last modification dates of the articles are indicated. 

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