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Planet OCD is a site developed by Aurélien Gasser who is an active member of AFTOC.

Why Planet OCD?


Having suffered for a long time from the lack of online information about OCD myself, I decided to take matters into my own hands and help in my own way by creating this site. It contains interesting articles on TOC, translated from English to French.


Indeed, the English-speaking web contains many resources absent from the French web: my Planet OCD site is dedicated to reducing this gap by giving space to a French version of these articles. The average patient with OCD takes more than 7 years to receive appropriate treatment [1]. The goal of Planet OCD is also to reduce this delay.

I am listening to any comments regarding the site. Much remains to be done and your feedback is welcome!

If you would like to contribute by helping with the translation, do not hesitate to contact me (

You will find on this page as and when new articles from Planet OCD and TocToMe.

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