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The right shrink?

On this page that we are going to finish developing soon because anxious to find you competent therapists and with whom the exchange is a moment of pleasure and sharing, you will find the best way to choose your therapist, what are the things to know before consulting and you will be able to ask us the questions which seem to you  essential  to guide you as best as possible.



No good or bad therapies: the important thing is that you feel good with your therapist


Working with a good therapist can lead to positive changes in your life, but the road to “Dr. Perfect” can sometimes be long and winding. Ideally, you want a professional who has a comfortable office, accepts new patients, has experience dealing with your specific issues, makes you comfortable, and, fingers crossed, has affordable consultations. or reimbursed.

What are the differences between a psychiatrist, psychologist or even a systemic psychotherapist?

A psychotherapist is a person who treats the problems of  health  mental health and helps her patients cope with stress or emotional disturbances by talking. Sometimes by encouraging changes in behavior. In the latter case, it is a  cognitive behavioral therapy , a form of therapy that does not always work  unanimity in France.

In France to be a “psychotherapist” you have to apply to
the ARS (Regional Health Agency) of the region of exercise. After studying the candidate's file and an oral interview, the title can be granted.This title of psychotherapist has been protected since 2004 in France.

Psychologists hold a master's degree in psychology (bac + 5). Two main types of training are offered to students: psychoanalytic or cognitive and behavioral. After a Master 2 in one of these two
orientations, students become psychologists, with a maximum of 500 hours of internship required.

As for the title preceding the name of the therapist, the abbreviation Dr refers to the title of Doctorate obtained by a psychiatrist at the end of his medical studies.

“For example, psychiatrists hold a state degree of doctor of medicine, while psychologists, systemic psychotherapists, hospital social workers and professional coaches have mostly obtained a master's degree,” says t -she.

Another important distinction to note is that while psychiatrists can offer talk therapy, like psychotherapists, their primary focus is usually to diagnose mental health problems, prescribe drug treatments, and manage follow-up.

Since psychiatrists are licensed physicians with a medical degree, they are in principle the only mental health professionals who can prescribe medication.

Therapists agree that the main element of success  therapy lies in the quality of the patient / practitioner relationship. The feeling of understanding and sincerity with his or her practitioner is essential for therapy to take place in good conditions.

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