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AFTOC Facebook Group


The AFTOC Facebook group is a new forum for discussions and exchanges on the internet, bringing together exclusively people affected directly or indirectly by TOC.
Everyone can share information, testify about their personal case, ask a question, participate in the discussion, talk about a project or simply show their presence or approval by clicking on an emoticon.
The AFTOC Facebook group facilitates communication between people affected by the pathology of OCD, and thus participates in the creation of a community within which support, mutual aid and sharing can be expressed.
The AFTOC Facebook group extends AFTOC's action on Facebook by providing its participants with: "a link, a
support, info ”(association slogan).
The group was founded in June 2020, and currently has more than 350 members. The AFTOC Facebook group is open to non-AFTOC members on condition of respecting its code of conduct (

Interwiew Stefanie group administrator:

My name is Stéfanie, I am 39 years old and more than thirty years of Tocs behind me…. To date I am not "cured" but we can say that I am on a totally different side in my life of "Toqué", I took a very long time to come back to the association and to be able to express my "ills" because in my past I have rejected illness a lot; Today I found a new breath by having this desire to help, to share and to make better known this disease all too often misunderstood. Social networks have always been a way for me to explore the world and meet people who are different because of their passions, their difficulties and many other things much more interesting than what I call the "Narcissistic" social network. or "unnecessary". I was able to exchange with people from all over the world and when I started to have another vision of life I started to be interested in Tocs in the breasts of Facebook, I found groups there as well French as Americans, Canadians etc. .. some more interesting than the next. Having become a member of Aftoc myself again, I thought that this group would be of great use for people who are lost and do not know who to contact, I realized that many people are looking for groups. on this disease and being able to concentrate suffering people from different places would be an unparalleled chain of solidarity. This Facebook group works mainly on mutual aid, listening and sharing, people can find a way to learn through the dissemination of articles of all kinds about Tocs, have can also exchange feelings and emotions without having to show us and often it's easier for some people. Being able to discuss with people experiencing the same things is often a source of appeasement ... We feel less “alone” in the face of our demons. There is a lot of benevolence within this group and that is what motivates me even more today, to see people exchange and support each other is great. Today the group is increasing over the weeks, many initiatives and projects are set up, people not knowing AFTOC have also been able to get closer to us. We try to collaborate with other groups that deal with the same subject because the more we are, the stronger we are! For the rest, I hope that the group will continue to develop and that people who want to bring new projects can do so, we want the looks to change, I have met great people, gifted, and full of resources and it is by combining all these qualities that we will change mentalities! So do not hesitate, you can register on Facebook just to share with us and we will welcome you with great pleasure.

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